Communicating Science in a Complex World – Experiences, Controversies and Future Strategies

Datum: 17.10.2018
Uhrzeit: 12:30 - 21:00

L42 Business Center & Workspaces

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Throughout the day, targeted breakout workshops will connect key stakeholders of science, science communication, politics and industry. Participants will discuss different aspects of science communication about socially relevant research in the European Union.

This is an event organized by Wissenschaft im Dialog, Vetenskap & Allmänhet, the European Science Engagement Association (EUSEA), the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA) and supported by Bayer.

PART I: Workshop

12.30 Arrival and sandwich lunch

13.30 Impulse presentations by Prof. Pere Puigdomènech, Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG)/ALLEA and Prof. George Gaskell, London School of Economics

14.20 Comments by Dr. Ana-Maria Bravo, The Chemours Company; Maria Hagardt, VA/ORION; Susana Irles, ALLEA

15.00 Breakout workshops

  • First phase of workshops: Analysis and status quo of science communication in Europe
  • Second phase of workshops: Future strategy
    o   Science Communication and Science Policy Advise on the EU level
    o   Different Formats for Strategic Science Communication
    o   Enhanced Science Communication Networks, Associations and Platforms

16.50 Conclusion and discussion


PART II: Evening Event

18.00 Panel debate and discussion on communicating science in a complex world

Tiemo Wölken, MEP; EC Representative N.N.Prof. Gloria Origgi, CNRS Paris/ALLEA; Christophe Kampa, Bayer Digital & Innovation Communication

Moderation: Markus Weißkopf & Cissi Askwall, WiD/VA + EUSEA

19.30 Networking cocktail

Please register for the event in advance. Workshop participants will be automatically registered for the subsequent evening event and can register here (PART I & II).
If you will only take part in the evening event, please register here (PART II only).